Scientific subjects of the conference:

  1. Solar and stellar physics.
  2. Sun-Earth interactions and space weather.
  3. Physics of the galaxies and interstellar medium, cosmic hydrodynamics.
  4. Astrophysics of high energies, gravitation and cosmology.
  5. Natural and artificial bodies of the Solar system, extrasolar planetary systems.


Main data on the Conference Participants from their registration forms, ABSTRACTS (to download just click on the icon PDF at Title of the corresponding presentation), and Invitations to the Conference (to download just click on the corresponding YES in column "Invitation Requirement") can be found here.

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Time and Venue:

Arrival: 1 October 2018

The conference will take place on 2-5 October 2018 at the Faculty of Physics (8 Kyryla and Methodiya Str., Lviv)

(9.30 - 13.00)
(15.00 - 18.30)


You can find the map of Lviv with pointed important places here.


Accomodation booking by Organizing committee is possible only for university hotel.

Registration fee:

Scientific organizing committee:

I.O. Vakarchuk (co-chairman; Ukraine), R.I. Kostyk (co-chairman; Ukraine), B.Ya. Melekh (vice chairman; Ukraine), M.I. Stodilka (vice chairman; Ukraine), S.M. Andrievsky (Ukraine), I.L. Andronov (Ukraine), B.I. Hnatyk (Ukraine), J. Krelowski (Poland), B.S. Novosyadlyj (Ukraine), O.L. Petruk (Ukraine), N.G. Shchukina (Ukraine), M.V. Vavrukh (Ukraine), S.V. Smerechynskyi (secretary; Ukraine).

Local organizing committee:

B.Ya. Melekh (co-chairman; Ukraine), M.I. Stodilka (co-chairman; Ukraine), M.M. Koval'chuk (Ukraine), Yu.A. Kulinich (Ukraine), B.S. Novosyadlyj (Ukraine), O.L. Petruk (Ukraine), R.E. Rykalyuk (Ukraine), N.L. Tyshko (Ukraine), M.V. Vavrukh (Ukraine), S.V. Smerechynskyi (secretary; Ukraine).


Registration deadline (announcements, accommodation booking and Abstracts are included in Registration Form): Registration is closed.


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Contact information:

8 Kyryla and Methodiya Str., Lviv, 79005 Ukraine