Scientific conference
to 360-th Anniversary of Lviv University,
250-th Anniversary of Astronomical observatory,
and 25-th Anniversary of Astrophysics Department
September 14-17, 2021

Scientific conference "Astronomy in Lviv University" (September 14-17, 2021)


Scientific subjects of the conference:

  1. History of science.
  2. Physics of stars, interstellar mediums and galaxies.
  3. Sun and Solar system.
  4. Extragalactic astronomy, cosmology, gravitation.
  5. High energy astrophysics.
  6. Near Earth space and artificial satellites.


Information about the Conference Participants, ABSTRACTS (to download just click on the icon PDF at Title of the corresponding presentation), and Invitations to the Conference (to download just click on the corresponding YES in column "Invitation Requirement") can be found here.

Book of abstracts of the Conference you can find here.

Database is being updated every day!
Please, check out Your registration data and inform us via e-mail, if You spot a mistake.


The form of the conference is mixed: it is a regular conference with the possibility of online presentations of reports by those who could not come. Online presentations will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform. Quarantine requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at all meetings will be met.


Time and Venue:

The conference will take place on 14-17 September 2021 at the Physics Faculty (8 Kyryla and Methodiya Str., Lviv)

Arrival: 13 September 2021

(9.30 - 13.00)
(15.00 - 18.30)

The opening of the conference will take place on September 14 at 10:00 in the Mirror Hall of the main building of the University (University Street, 1).


Here you can find us on Google map.


Accommodation booking by Organizing committee is possible only for university hotel for participants who submitted a request through the registration form . You can also book a room in one of the city hotels or hostels on-line.

Registration fee:

There are no conference fees in our conference.

Advisory committee:

V. Melnyk, rector of Lviv University, — chairman, R. Gladyshevskii, vice-rector of Lviv University, — vice-chairman, S. Andrievsky (Odesa University), V. Efimenko (Kyiv University), B. Hnatyk (Kyiv University), V. Kaydash (Kharkiv University), I. Klymyshyn (Precarpathian University), R. Kostyk (MAO of NAS of Ukraine), J. Krelowski (Torun Center for Astronomy, Poland), I. Kudzej (Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory, Slovakia), B. Melekh (Lviv University), B. Novosyadlyj (Lviv University), O. Petruk (IAPMM of NAS of Ukraine), M. Soida (Jagiellonian University, Poland), V. Tomczak (Wroclaw University, Poland), V. Shulga (Jilin University, China), O. Shulga (Mykolaiv Observatory), N. Shchukina (MAO of NAS of Ukraine), M. Vavrukh (Lviv University), P. Yakibchuk (Lviv University), Ya. Yatskiv (MAO of NAS of Ukraine).

Organizing committee:

B. Novosyadlyj — co-chairman, B. Melekh — co-chairman, O. Baran, A. Bilinsky, I. Koshmak, Yu. Kulinich, O. Petruk, A. Prysiazhnyi, R. Rykalyuk, S. Smerechynskyi — secretary, O. Stelmakh, N. Tyshko, M. Tsizh, M. Vavrukh, N. Virun, E. Vovchyk.


Registration Form contains the Announcements, Accommodation booking and Abstracts.
Abstract must be prepared in LaTeX style correspondingly to Latex Template shown in example below.
In the registration form one can attach up to two abstracts.
If You plan to present more than two presentations, please contact us via e-mail.
Maximal size for one LaTeX file is 6144 bytes.

If You want to participate in Conference without presentation, please contact us via e-mail.


Registration deadline (announcements, accommodation booking and Abstracts are included in Registration Form):
Registration is closed.


You can download an example of the abstract here.
Note that the size of the TeX-file with an abstract can not exceed 6144 bytes!
Please, compile Your abstracts before uploading. Only abstracts without errors and no more than 1 page in size will be accepted for publication!

Contact information:

8 Kyryla and Methodiya Str., Lviv, 79005 Ukraine

Phone/fax: +38 032 260 0593

e-mail: astroconf &